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"I'm interested in places we are drawn to in our lives and stories that belong to these places. They become touchpoints for me, at various stages of the painting process, influencing color, movement and form." 


American painter, Donna Bruni, is known for creating atmospheric paintings with broad, richly layered planes of color. The compositions are based on form and flux of natural environments. Her paintings investigate constructed landscapes, evoking memory and a sense of place within the canvas surface. The compositions are based on daily observation of light patterns, air, water, wind, land, sky, changing seasons and life cycles. Sensory details, such as the sound of water on rocks or light movement throughout the day, become contextual elements for abstract compositions. The process involves applying and mixing oil pigment directly on canvas or panels, building depth in layers, scraping, lifting and brushing out areas to reveal details beneath the surface. 


Donna Bruni grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania, spending summers along the Atlantic coast with her family. She studied art and design at Endicott College, Beverly, MA and the School of Visual Arts, NY, NY. She began her career in the arts as a graphic designer, working in publishing and print media in the New York metropolitan area. She received her B.A. from the University of Minnesota (Visual Art and Complementry Heathcare), focusing on the role of creativity in cross-cultural traditional healing systems. She is art curator for University of Minnesota Physicians, Mill City Clinic, an integrative medical clinic in Minneapolis, designed with gallery space to showcase creative work by Minnesota artists in three art exhibitions each year. 



Notable Exhibitions:


"Donna Bruni, Recent Paintings", Solo Exhibition, Douglas Flanders & Associates Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (2021) 


"Ensemble: Together Again",The Painting Center, New York, New York (2020)


"Visual Poetry", Donna Bruni, Juan Carlos Collada, Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, Florida (2020)


"Art in Embassies", U.S. State Dept., "Ambassador's Exhibition" San Salvador, El Salvador (2020)


"Art in Embassies", U.S. State Department, "Ambassador's Exhibition", Riga, Latvia (2020)


"Abstraction in Minneapolis", Douglas Flanders & Associates Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2015)


"Beyond Water and Sky", Solo Exhibition, UMN Health, Mill City Clinic, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2019-2020)


"Figuratively Speaking", Solo Exhibition, Tractorworks Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2014)


"Floating to the Surface", Solo Exhibition, BMW Gallery One, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2014) 


"Art on the Plains Biennial IX", Plains Art Museum, Fargo, North Dakota (2012)







Photography: Natalie Jennings Photography, Minneapolis






















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