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My painting process centers on sensory perception of natural environments,


personal narratives and healing places we are drawn to in our lives.


I am grateful to collaborate with students, who generously share


their vision and stories, creating connections across boundaries


through the image-making process. 



2020 Teaching Schedule

All studio classes have been cancelled due to Covid-19 health and safety recommendations.

Zoom mentor sessions for artists with established studio practices, beginning September 2020 



One to One | Art Mentoring Sessions


Online zoom sessions, beginning October 2020. Take your art practice to the next level. One to One painting sessions focus on developing your personal artistic vision and visual language. For more info, time slots available and registration go to:



Private In Studio Painting sessions beginning October 2020. 

Explore light, form, emotion, energy, working on larger canvases. In-depth coaching, process-based learning, topics include: beginning, middle, ending; intuition/intention; energy/emotion/color; context/content/personal narrative. 

90 minute sessions, $125.00/ 3 sessions, $325.00



Abstraction From Nature | Five day painting studio workshop

May 31 - June 4, 2021 

Grand Marais Art Colony, Grand Marais, Minnesota


In this week-long painting workshop, participants will create a series of abstract paintings from their own visual notes, inspired by the North Shore landscape and personal narratives. Daily warmup exercises focus on exploring visual language with emphasis on interpreting color, elements, energy and sense of place, within the painted canvas. Donna will demonstrate painting techniques using traditional and water based oil paint, palette knife and brushes. New directions and approaches will be encouraged through looking at works in progress, group discussions and one-to-one review. 

For information on accomodations in Grand Marais, Minnesota:





"Thank you for the support, push, advice and believing in my ability as an artist."

— Ruth S., Portland, OR


"I want to let you know what a spectacular time I had at the retreat...feels as though I've found an opening. Thank you for creating the space for that to happen." 

— Amanda H., Laguna, CA


"I so enjoyed your help with my shift to oils and that process, as well as all the other parts of the workshop, including the thought processes you outlined in the beginning and your encouragement along the way. "

– Lonnie K., Brainerd, MN 


"Donna is very intuitive and generous with her time and encouragement. She helped me figure out a way to explore and expand a series of work that was kind of stalled and the results were very satisfying." 

— Francene C., Minnetonka, MN


"There have been a few amazingly nurturing and breakthrough moments in my life as an artist. I would consider the year plus I spent at Studio 600 with Donna one of them. My abilities as an artist were stretched and honed." 

— Savita B., St. Paul, MN


"You have created a welcoming, supportive and enriching environment. Whatever group of painters is present a sense of community seems to develop. Thank you Donna for sharing your lovely creative space and your self so generously." 

— Vicky S., Bloomington, MN 


"Donna’s critiques are thoughtful, informative and encouraging. I feel her knowledge of painting and process is extensive, which she freely shares." 

 — Ron D., St. Paul, MN


"Donna's daily warm up lessons focus on expressing inner thoughts, experiences, and emotions with paint while encouraging each student to develop their own individual painting style." 

— Jane J., Hopkins, MN


"Working in Donna’s studio with her and the group has been a great experience for me and has enriched my whole approach to my art."

 — Larry R., Minneapolis, MN